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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a French rejuvenation technique that uses micro injections in the lower layer of your skin, the mesoderm, with a personalised combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and hyaluronic acid, using an advanced power injector. This non-surgical procedure  aids with skin rejuvenation by stimulating cell repair and making a miraculous impact on the way the skin both looks and feels. It is also used to reduce cellulite, lighten pigmented skin, fade wrinkles and line, treat alopecia and encourage hair growth, recontour the body, as well as to remove fat in areas such as the thighs, stomach, buttocks, legs, hips, face, and arms. If you are thinking about Mesotherapy but don’t know a lot about what it involves, the benefits and how we provide this treatment then contact us at Harley Street Clinic Harpenden and Surrey.

Reasons to Have Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is ideal for all skin types because it can be customised so extensively. It’s comfortable and requires no downtime, meaning you can return to your normal activities almost right away. By choosing the right blend of nutrients, this treatment can address a wide range of issues. Thanks to the intense and long-lasting hydration you may also notice that any fine lines and wrinkles look less visible and that you’re able to enjoy truly beautiful skin tone and texture for up to a year. Facial Mesotherapy treatment can also plump up your skin and reduce problems such as dryness or flaking. It can help to tackle hyperpigmentation and banish under-eye shadows to make you look youthful and well-rested.

Benefits of Mesotherapy Treatments

The main benefit of Mesotherapy is the improvement of dull, tired-looking skin and superficial wrinkles. However, there are other benefits associated with this treatment such as:
  • It corrects underlying issues like poor circulation and inflammation that cause skin damage.
  • Improves sluggish blood circulation, helping the body flush out harmful ageing toxins.
  • It can help with pigmentation problems.
  • Treats acne and be combined to enhance the effects of other aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers.
  • Rejuvenates tired eyes and diminishes dark circles.
  • Helps with skin laxity and tightens loose skin.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Dissolves locally stored fat.
  • It can enhance hair growth and other alopecia related treatments.

Before and After Mesotherapy

What the Treatment Involves

While mesotherapy is nonsurgical and not painful, it can be slightly uncomfortable. Therefore, you may have anesthetic cream applied to your skin to numb the affected area. Using a special short needle, you will get a series of injections. The injections can be carried out on the face, neck, scalp, chest, hands, and other areas of the body that may have problems you wish to address. There is not a standard formula for the substances injected. Our experts will use a combination of different substances, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbal extracts. The substances used depends on what you want to treat and would have been discussed with you during your consultation. Each injection can be given at different depths into your skin, ranging between 1 and 4 millimetres, depending on the condition you want to treat. The treatment can last up to one hour depending of the area treated and you can see lasting results for over a year. If you require any more information, feel free to contact our team.

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Interested in Mesotherapy treatments?

Mesotherapy treatments are used by all individuals and is a very common treatment for skin rejuvenation. If you are considering Mesotherapy treatments in Harpenden, Surrey, or the surrounding area, then Harley Street Clinic Harpenden and Surrey is the clinic to visit. We provide a first-class treatment as our patient care is excellent, so you can have peace of mind that you’ve chosen the best clinic for your procedure. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re a trusted clinic providing an outstanding level of satisfaction for all patients. As part of our service, we will provide you with aftercare and take care of any questions you have before and after treatment. All of our medical practitioners are fully qualified, so all consultations and treatments will be delivered by a professional. Furthermore, all of the products that we used are of premium high-grade quality and approved by MHRA. To discuss this treatment in more depth, please contact us to book a free consultation with one of our specialists. You can reach us on 01737 930400 if you’re based in Surrey or 01582 452 424 if you’re calling from Harpenden, to speak with a member of our team, and book a free consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.