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Botox Surrey Clinic and Botox Harpenden Clinic

Botox® helps prevent muscle from moving for a limited time. Botox® can often be used to smooth wrinkles on the face. They’re also used to treat neck spasms, sweating, overactive bladder, lazy eye and other conditions. Botox® can also help prevent migraine’s.
If you are thinking about Botox® treatments but don’t know a lot about what it involves – continue reading our post below. We explore everything you need to know about Botox® including what the procedure involves, the benefits and how we provide this treatment at Botox® Surrey Clinic and Botox® Harpenden Clinic. 

What is Botox?

Botulinum Toxin, commonly referred to as Botox® is a FDA Approved common and painless procedure.
Botox® is an injectable wrinkle muscle relaxer. It uses botulinum toxin type A, to temporarily paralyze a muscle. This then, as a great effect reduces the unsightly appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.
Botox® treatments are minimally invasive. It’s considered a safe and effective cosmetic treatment with millions of treatments carried out worldwide on a daily basis.
Mostly it is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the forehead for a more youthful appearance. Botox® can reduce the appearance of aging and restore a more radiant look.
Essentially, Botox® is a cosmetic procedure however can also be used for a range of health benefits too.

Benefits of Botox

Botox® is used by both men and women. It is often used between the eyebrows to smooth the forehead, lift the eyebrows and diminish Crow’s feet.

Although Botox® originally was  created to reduce the signs of wrinkles and lines associated with aging, ample research of doctors has discovered that Botox® can be used for many other medical benefits.

1. Reducing and Preventing Facial Wrinkles

Botox® can stop muscles contracting eradicating the wrinkle effect on skin.

2. Removing Signs of Aging

Botox® can reduce Several types of facial wrinkles, including:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Crows feet

3. Correcting Eye Conditions

Botox® can also be used to correct Lazy eyes, strabismus (crossed-eyes), and blepharospasm (rapid eye blinking).

4. Stop Excessive Sweating

Botox® can block the nerve signals that instruct the sweat glands to become active

5. Migraines

Botox® has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of migraines.

6. Neck Spasms

Botox® prevents and reduces neck muscle spasms by inhibiting the nerves that cause the muscles to contract.

7. Reducing Joint Pain

If you suffer from joint pain or arthritis, Botox® injections can help reduce the pain.

With these improvements, patients often experience improved self-esteem, confidence and self-image directly impacting their overall wellbeing.

Botox before and after

Over time, facial expressions etch lines and wrinkles into the skin that no amount of moisturiser can reverse. Crow’s feet, furrows across the forehead, and frown lines between the brows seem inevitable. Botox relaxes these persistent wrinkles for 3 to 4 months or longer by blocking signals from the nerves that cause repetitive expressions. Botox treatment gets rid of the existing creases while preventing new wrinkles from forming as frequently. The before and after results in the pictures uniquely showcase Botox’s ability to erase years from one’s appearance. Regardless of your age or skin type, consider modern advances like Botox injections to proactively combat lines. Botox can help you unlock a brighter complexion and a youthfully refreshed version of yourself.
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Advanced Botox Treatments

We now offer a range of Advanced Botox® treatments which are a little more complex but use the same Botox® procedure.

1. Gummy Smile

The upper lip may widen too far exposing the gums when you smile, which can make people feel self-conscious. This happens due to the hyperactive upper lip muscles. our advanced Gummy smile treatment injects Botox® in the the levator labii superioris muscles to reduce the movement of the upper lips when smiling. This advanced treatment is available at Surrey and Harpenden.

2. Hyperhidrosis

Your sweat glands work when you get a message from the body’s nervous system, if they get too many messages they keep on working and you can sweat excessively. This is called hyperhidrosis; if this happens under your arms it is called axillary hyperhidrosis.  Our advanced Botox® treatments  given by injection into the skin can prevent this from reoccurring.  When injected into the skin where you are sweating, Botox® blocks the signals from the nervous system that supply the sweat glands; this stops them working so hard and prevents them from producing too much sweat.

3. Neferti Neck Lift

With age, the facial and neck muscles may loose tone and the skin may sag. The Nefertiti neck lift is a Advanced technique whereby multiple injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A are administered along the lower jawline as well as down the side of the neck along the platysma muscle, to improve the contour and overall definition of the jawline, redefine and rebalance the underlying active muscles which will result in a ‘uplifting’ in the neck and jawline area.

4. Jawline Slimming

The jawline muscles over time can become square shaped, resulting in a more aged appearance. Our advanced Botox® treatments for Slimming the Jawline can provide a more youthful look and feel.  Also known as The Masseters reduction is a simple yet effective procedure that involves the injection of the Botox®  type A into the large masseter muscles to create a slim and more feminine jawline.

5. Eyebrow Lift

A Botox® Brow Lift also called an Eyebrow lift, is a non-surgical procedure that treats frown lines between the eyebrows. With the use of FDA-approved Botox®, we can elevate your eyebrows through relaxing the muscles. Small injections of Botox® are also administered into the forehead muscles (called the frontalis muscle) to create an overall smoothing effect, while elevating the eyebrows thanks to the relaxed muscles pulling them up.

Neferti Neck Lift

img img

Slimming Jawline

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What the Treatment Involves

Small amounts of Botox® are injected into the muscle of the problem area. The Botox® toxin relaxes the muscle by hindering all signals that are normally made from the nerve to contract the muscle. You then achieve a smoothed-out appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Once the injection is made, the muscle will no longer be able to contract–allowing the wrinkles to soften and completely disappear over time. The most common areas for Botox® injections are normally located in the eyebrow area–where frown lines occur–and around the eyes–crow’s feet–and the forehead. The effect of the treatment will usually last for around 3-4 months and you will require a top up to maintain the results.
Most importantly, Botox® treatments are literally painless. The maximum pain you will experience is the prick/pinching as the needle is being injected into the skin. However, your Consultant may be able to apply a topical numbing agent before the procedure if your not a needle person.
If you require any more information, feel free to contact our team today. Harley Street Clinic Harpenden and Surrey




30 Minutes


3 to 4 Months



3 to 4 Months EFFECT



30 Minutes


3 to 4 Months


Interested in Botox?

Botox® can be used by all individuals over 18 years of age primarily to diminish the appearance of ageing aswell as many other proven medical benefits.
If you are considering Botox® treatments in Harpenden, Surrey, or the surrounding area, then Harley Street Clinic Harpenden and Surrey is the clinic to visit. We provide a first class treatment as Our patient care is excellent, so you can have peace of mind that you’ve chosen the best clinic for your procedure. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re a trusted clinic providing an outstanding level of satisfaction for all patients. As part of our service, we will provide you with aftercare and take care of any questions you have before and after treatment. All of our medical practitioners are fully qualified, so all consultations and treatments will be delivered by a professional. Furthermore, all of the products that we used are of premium high grade quality and approved by MHRA. To discuss our Botox® treatments in more depth, please contact us today. You can reach us on 01737 930400 if you’re based in Surrey or 01582 452 424 if you’re calling from Harpenden, to speak with a member of our team, and book a free consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.